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What size of Overhead Bridge Crane are you looking for?

Gorbel Work Station Bridge Crane

1/8 Ton to 2 Ton Hand Push Bridge Cranes

Gorbel Work Station Bridge Crane - Workstation Bridge Cranes and specialized type of Overhead Crane specifically design for smaller workstation cells and capacities of up to 2 tons. They are typically used in a hand push configuration, but motorization is an available option.

  • Capacity up to ¼ to 2 tons
  • Spans up to 34 feet
  • Runway length unlimited
  • Floor or ceiling supported
  • Typically hand push (horizontal motions), but motorization packages are available
  • Available with manual, electric or air hoists
  • Very easily installed as a “Do it yourself” project
  • Full installation or installation supervision available worldwide
Motorized Bridge Crane

2 Ton to 75 Ton Motorized Bridge Cranes

Pre-Engineered Bridge Cranes-Complete freestanding, turnkey Overhead Cranes Systems Bridge Crane-Outlet’s Pre-Engineered Overhead Cranes, complete crane systems including crane, crane runways and runway supports for a turnkey project.

  • Capacity from 2 to 75 Tons
  • Spans up to 150 feet
  • Configurations, both Single and Double Girder
  • Floor or building supported
  • Runways and supports available upon request
  • Motorized in all directions
  • Full installation or installation supervision available worldwide

How can we be faster, with better quality and cost less?

BridgeCrane-Outlet is a 21st Century Bridge Crane manufacturer in every measurable way.

  1. No expensive Salesmen
    We have no salesmen with their associated travel cost. You will never see a Bridge Crane-Outlet salesmen, but you will always have access to an Overhead Crane designer/estimator via the web or our 800 toll free phone number.
  2. No expensive brochures or catalogs
    We don’t sink any money in expensive glossy brochures, 3 ring binders, trade shows or magazine advertising. 100% of our marketing effort is our website and if you need “takeaway” materials, they are immediately available as downloadable PDF files.
  3. Computerized Quote Generation
    The Bridge Crane-Outlet quote generation program is fully computerized and takes less than ¼ man hour to generate a full blown Overhead Bridge Crane proposal with full specifications and drawing.
  4. No Custom Engineering Overhead
    In the early 1990’s were the first Bridge Crane company to fully computerize our engineer. Each one of our standardized Overhead Cranes requires less than 1 man hour of engineering time. It’s not unusual for customer Overhead Crane builders to expend 16 to 40 man hours per crane.
  5. Quality through Standardization
    Because we’ve standardized our product and using ISO9001:2000 procedures, our quality is assured and the end product of over 60 years of crane building experience.

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Bridge Crane Outlet is happy to provide you with a full, detailed quote for your project. Our quotes include the crane, crane runways and install if requested. If you want us to include estimated shipping costs, make sure to include your city and/or zip code. Our normal quotation turn-around time is 2 business days, but if you’re really in a pinch, let us know and we can do it live while you’re on the phone.

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