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Free Standing Crane Systems Specifications

  • Wire Rope Hoist with 20 feet of lift and a lifting speed of 16/2/6 FPM with trolley speed of 63/16 FPM.
  • Wheel Block Endtrucks with a travel speed of 80 or 120 FPM (VFD) complete with mounting plates, bolts and bumpers.  (Single and two-speed drives also available.)
  • Trolley Tow Arm with pipe clamps to be cut to suit by builder and bolted or welded to the trolley.
  • Complete trolley and sliding push button Festoon Systems with all required mounting hardware.  Cables are pre-wired to quick disconnect plugs.  Festoon trolleys are already attached to cables.
  • Bridge Conductor Cables are pre-wired to quick disconnect plugs.
  • Eight-button Push Button Station, plug-in type, with strain relief cable and emergency stop button.
  • Bridge Control Panel with lockable mainline disconnect mainline fuse, mechanical and electrical interlocking contactors and motor protection.  Power and control connections are pre-wired through terminal strips to quick disconnect plugs.  Panel is mounted in a NEMA-12 enclosure.
  • Free Standing Runway Frame in standard lengths from 20 to 120 feet.  Longer runways available.
  • Runway Electrification provided is Insul-8 or equal. Brackets welded on runway beams; conductor bar installed in the field.
  • Trolley End Stops are adjustable clamp-on style for single girders, welded type for double girders.
  • Detailed Engineering for bridge construction and crane assembly, including two copies of the maintenance manual.

Note:  Components are based on 460/3/60 power supply.  For other voltages, please contact Bridge Crane - Outlet.

The Free Standing Bridge Crane System finds a home in

Precast Concrete Buildings

The Free Standing Bridge Crane System can often be installed without footers, eliminating the need for digging through and damaging existing floors.

Leased Buildings

All of the 's Free Standing Bridge Crane System connections are bolted for easy disassembly and relocation.  If you think you may move sometime in the future, you can easily take the to a new site.

Buildings not designed specifically for overhead cranes

The 's Free Standing Bridge Crane System structure supports loads your building's steel might not handle and the low overhead design allows it to fit into sites where headroom might otherwise be a problem.

Think again if you've ruled out an overhead bridge crane.  The Free Standing Bridge Crane System can give you the material handling you need at a price you can afford.